Ordered Parts for ZMR 250

I finally caved! I have wanted a ZMR250 for quite a while, I liked the Robocat but it was just too much extra. Again I went for dead cheap. Before I get into my parts list, let’s talk skids. I was going to buy some but they want £5-8 in some cases and that seems ridiculous when the frame is only £7!! Instead I am going to use some excess plastic laying around, then to secure them onto the frame and add a lil cushioning I will use Sugru! OMG I love this stuff!

Aight so parts, I went for cheapest but from good sellers and ones I have used before like TomTop. I bought all from HK since the UK costs are £40 more!!


TOTAL: £77.05



ZMR250 Frameaka. QAV250, H250

Cost: £7.96




UPDATE: Though these did work quite well, I would recommend getting emax ESC’s separately and some GoolRC motors. They are far better quality and only a few quid more. 
Motor + ESC
Actually cheaper than buying separately

1806 2400KV Brushless Motor

Simonk 12A ESC

Cost: £29.79

The ESC must be 12A size. Emax simon are very nice and cost me £20 for 4.

2 pairs (4 motors) cost around £23, very nice quality.








Flight Controller:

CC3D Openpilot

Cost: £7.40



Alternate FC:

Naze32 rev 6 – £12.59



PDB – Go for this one, the big PDB board is nice but it restricts you for where the wires can be places. Having it all central is a bit easier.


Not exactly necessary but handy

Cost: £1.03



This is a PDB for the ZMR250

Will fit into the frame correctly.

Cost: £8.04



Prop Guard

DO NOT BUY, these turned out to be shit and do not fit in the slightest to any hole on the zmr250 frame. I am including it to show which one was so crappy lol

Cost: £5.22





10 pairs – (1 CCW and 1 CW in each pair)

I bought some green and red for variety.

Cost: £3.54




2 x Battery ** Well fuck they don’t post to Ireland now, still have a set coming though **

1500mAh 3S 35C 11.1V with XT60

Cost: £14.07

It costs £8< for a single battery.

These batteries last about 7min so two is well worth it.

batterys1 x Battery

1500mAh 3S 40C 11.1V with XT60

Cost £7.80







Braid Expandable Wire







NEON Braided Expandable Wire

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