ZMR250 with FPV

Have not posted in awhile ugh! Well my baby now has a FPV setup with live feed… through a convoluted set of wires lol

 I found out that the chinese knockoff zmr250 frame, has a lil issue. The eight bars that support the frame are incorrectly sized. The extra part that comes with the frame is meant to sit vertically and slit between the middle level and top level. You would then affix the provided screws and plastic spacers to the camera. Issue is that the metal polls are too short, not like a minimeter I mean like 7mm!






 I was trying to workout how to get it together when it dawned on me that I could cut the camera up a bit. It has a section which allows screens but is just surplus plastic. I snipped it off and it fit perfectly. I couldn’t use the actual frame for tying it on so I instead used zip ties top and sides. It is incredibly stable and works great.



I did forget to buy a filter for the DC though, it means the picture quality live has lines through. Ordered one from ebay though and should be here in a few weeks 🙂

The cattle in the pic were very interested in wtf the noise was! Heifers are always such curious beasts, I love how you always get that one who is dared by the others to investigate. The first time they saw our cat, they freaked out and ran off. Anyway tangents there derp. I connected the EasyCap up to the receiver, used an OTG cable and connected that to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8. I also tried it out with my Samsung Galaxy note 2 and all of them work to perfection. I looked through apps on the android store and found one. It is free but you get that watermark. Though to be entirely fair it is a very non invasive watermark, compared to some apps. It only cost €3.89, so no longer shall I have it on the vid. I set it to high quality and to auto record once I plug in the OTG. Literally plug and play, no having to set anything up. This app also comes with google vr capability by splitting the screen!! Gonna try that tomorrow with my fiance’s phone. He has a HTC One M8 (never buy that phone or brand!!!) which has a high res screen of 1080 x 1920 with a 441 ppi. My 5 year old note 2, which I have a loving relationship with, is 720 x 1280 and a ridiculously low 267ppi!!! So yesh hands down using his phone to wear the goggles with. This is the best app I found: Easycap & UVC Player(FPViewer).
Anyway off to bed 😛 Flying hard tomorrow!



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