Windows how I hate you

Jeez how much of a pain in the arse can Windows be? So I was initially on Win7. Come July 29th I had Windows10, I even did a windows backup just in case. The fun started. For some reason it looked weird. The logos did not look like what everyone else had, drivers started having errors and in the end I had to refresh windows 10. It wasn’t a fresh re install but it did get rid of a lot. It did work quite nicely but there were still issues with drivers. In the end I gave up and came back to windows 7. Except the backup was ‘corrupted’ hmm that is odd since it is a brand new drive seperate to everything. Well okay I guess reinstal with the disc? Cool so I start that… first time it actually broke Windows Update once it was installed. Hmm okay so I try the FixIt program… nope it gets worse. Hmm okay re install again as I only just did it and not too far in. Second time round i am downloading updates again and asks to restart. Okay I did that and then… it hangs for 2 hrs on update 188. Well that is a long time so I restarted… oh it did not like that. Well FUCK this lets re install AGAIN. Okay 3rd time’s the charm… behaves a lil odd but nothing I could put my finger on. I tried to stick with it for 2 weeks but in that time 5 BSOD!! I have never had that before! So now I am getting worried. I had the computer put to sleep one day, came back and instant BSOD. Hmm okay start up and we get disc checks :/ Oh boy so I wait on them. I then get “NvBackend.exe – Corrupt File” in fact it was the whole freaking folder! So now nvidia has having issues… oh boy. I try to delete the file but it will not work. I try restarting into safemode… it loads up the drivers, hangs and then restarts back to normal windows! Safe Mode will not even freaking start?! Right so lets try to fix these errors by going to the C drive, properties, tools and select Error checking. I select it and BSOD. I mean sheit wtf so now I am thinking yeah fk this lets go back to Windows10 with a clean instal. I start it up and yet more disk checks. Now I start downloading Win10 media device for the USB and for once it worked!! No “something went wrong” crap I had every other time! I keep all my files on other drives so I am set. I was talking with my partner and showed him the error checking issue but funnily enough it actually went okay that time. No BSOD :/
Everytime I reinstall an OS I make sure all my drives are unplugged just incase! I boot to the USB and go about installing, this time it asks for the serial at the start. So I enter my win 7… nope. Thankfully it had not formatted the drives so I restarted again. Went to Win7, clicked the USB and updated to windows 10… by this point I am just tired of this shit. Okay win10 installed. Now lets get that key! Speccy to the rescue thank you very much!!
I have the key soooo back to booting from the USB and format the drive! Also noticed Win10 wanted 4 partitions with one for recovery, this is new compared to the 3 windows 7 wanted. Now I am on Win10… all set and working very smoothly.
I swear microsoft were fking with me to get me back on Win10 lol


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