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Summary of this post:

  • Raving about awesome papercrafter.
  • Give details on how to get to his site and credentials.
  • VERY important tip.
  • Tips on what is needed to papercraft!
  • Knives
  • Printing

I have the papercraft bug again! This time round i am doing Starbucks Viper from BSG. I found a fantastic papercrafter called uhu02. He allows anyone to download his work for free, however it requires finding the username and password. Which honestly is freaking hard when the site is in Japanese!!
The website can be found here.
The New Password as of 7th May 2016 can be found on this forum thread. If you really cannot figure it out gimme a shout lol

Listen guys, UHU had to put a new password in his website just to try and slow down the pilfering going on. You would think that these people doing all of the pilfering would be making the models, but they aren’t. So a new password was necessary.

Now that this new password has been given, please, be smart about it. After all, have to change to a new password every time people abuse what was the old one is a pain in the butt. So it’s out, it’s here, be smart. If you do decipher the new password, then get the model from his website. Thanks.

Use either the Chrome browser or the translator page on google to see it in your native language. However for ease I will be including PDFs of all the pages in English, just makes it easier.

22799377451_a7082a6703_k (1)I want to first tell you one HUGE FREAKING TIP!!! When doing the cockpit there will be 3 pieces that make up the console on either side of the chair. Later he will ask you to remove the 3rd one which are from page 5, item numbers 13 and 16. DISREGARD THEM. He doesn’t mention this until later gah! The item is not needed at all and from what I can see in the last pics by him they are removed entirely.

The Viper PDFs are the actual parts, you will print 5 pages total. HOWEVER page 4 & 5 will have page 6 printed on their back. It is a black page which will cover the back areas. The assembly pdfs are the pages from the site, pre translated via chrome. The ‘Main Page’ pdf is simply a copy of the page from his website for my records. I have had way too many papercraft sites go down mid work!!




What do I need to start crafting?


When I started out I could never find much help. They would mention sticking it together with glue but have you any idea how many glues are out there!! I started out with the typical PVA glue… it takes so freaking long to dry, goes everywhere and ruins the design. MIL to the rescue! Tacky glue is freaking awesome, it is PVA based but tries a hell of a lot faster. I am however looking into other glues which dry even faster, I found this epic set of tester glues. 5 bottles, fairly small but with papercrafting these will go a long way! You can find them on Amazon!

To give a lil visual aid I set out my craft supplies!

Tacky Glue – I don’t have a preference per say for Anita’s glue since there is very little selection around. However it has been great to do a lot of the work I wanted. Tacky glue is where it is at! It sticks 10x faster than normal PVA.

Cocktail sticks – Great for applying the glue to the paper. If you use the nip of the glue it will be too much and trust me you always want to use sparingly.

Needles – Always a use, be it poking out a dent in the piece of paper or just applying a tiny bit of glue.

Tweezers – I have some craft ones on order from Amazon… makeup tweezers are way to thick to be much use. However craft ones make it just a lil easier to place.

Scissors – Obviously necessary for large piece but also if you need to cut curves, a craft knife will never get that nice finish.

Metal Rulers – Butchered my plastic rulers before these arrived lol, shavings of plastic everywhere!







Now to the knives! I at first bought the craft knife, you twist the blue band and the blade pops out… however they are SHIT. Why you ask…

  1. It’s circular… which means a deadly sharp blade will roll around your table.
  2. The blades blunt very easily and are inferior quality. I had 3 break with only light pressure!
  3. When pressing down the blue band which is meant to be a finger rest will twist due to the thread being underneath. This ends up with the blade falling out and in one case a cut finger.

Then why do I have it in the pic? Well funnily enough it does make a very good scoring tool. I wanted something precise and would not tear the card. Get some sandpaper and work away for a few min, keep testing on card. Make sure in the end it does not cut even the first layer of the paper. You do not have to get that type of knife for it though!

The best knife I have ever used is a Swann-Morton No.3 which is a surgical blade. You literally cannot get better AND they are cheaper than craft knives! If you want one I have a few links, the handle can be bought here. The no.3 has all types of blades but I use the simple 10A range, they are incredibly cheap with 100 blades at between £7-8! Check out the blade that go with that handle though, they have all different shapes which are really handy.
Yesh mine does look all pink and stuffs but that was mainly due to comfort as it is an entirely metal handle. I used some double sided foam tape to create a pressure bad on the front and the back. The front section is on top as my finger presses down there, the back section is for where it rests on my purlicue (that area between your thumb and forefinger).




This is INCREDIBLY important for uniformity! I will be opening the PDF via Adobe Acrobat Pro however there is a free version here. ((Uncheck the optional offer it is just bloatware!))

  1. Aight so open it up and then go to File -> Print (or CTRL + P).
  2. In this window there is a section called “Page Sizing & Handling” you must select one option and stick with it all through the papercraft! I tend to choose “Shrink Oversized Pages” and stick with that. It will mean all the pieces fit together.
  3. At the top you can select your printer, to the right there is a button “Properties” which you click.
  4. Under the ‘Quality’ section make sure you select ‘High’. It will significantly increase the quality of your printing!

20 thoughts on “Papercraft – Viper by uhu02

  1. Hi, I tried to access uhu02 library using the info you supplied but I still cannot get in. I believe I have been there before using these same codes and was able to get in. But not now.
    Any ideas?

    1. Shoot I meant to reply to this sooner! Which model are you looking for btw, I saved some already.
      I tried the combo I had and I cannot get on! 🙁 His email is: uhu02jp at so maybe send him an email to see if he can help. If you do get the new info could you pass it my way by any chance?

      1. I was looking for the files for the Discovery from 2001. I have most of the other kits. It;s just that some are no longer available for download.

      2. I perused the Zealot forum for the username and password to access uhu02’s archive. No luck here. I believe that paper craft modeling can be an effective motivator for young people to become interested in the sciences. I was looking for a large project when I came across uhu02’s models. I showed it to the students and they decided on the Space Station V and the Discovery models from the 2001 A Space Odyssey film. Do you have access to the archive? Do you have copies of those model templates that you could share. School here in New York tomorrow and I’d like to begin the projects by next week. I believe that this could be go on all year long. What a wonderful, exciting way to get today’s students interested in science.

  2. Thanks friend, i was staying mad because uhu02 get of the download of the parts, and you save my life and sanity 😀

  3. about uhu02;
    Hello everybody and a happy new Year.
    I was seaarching for the Robbie the robot.
    Sommeone can help me?
    I need the 4 pdf sheet only ’cause i had just “grabbed” the helping pages from his site (before uhu02 delete this too)
    I searched it on internet, saint Google help me! 🙂 but i find only the simply (very ugly o.m.h.o.) version on papermau site

    Thank you and sorry for my mystakes in english language

  4. sorry
    I,ve noted some mistakes very orrible:
    someone and not sommeone
    searching and not seaarching…..
    plaese mi need is of all of the four PDF sheets of the model and not only the fourth pdf
    Sorry again

  5. I have searched for the latest username and password on Zealots and it seems that the message has been edited and the vital info are no longer there. You can try to email me at if you do not wish to publicise uhu02’s library access. Thank you.

    1. Oh you are gonna love me, I not only have the viper files, I downloaded all the sites pages so you can see how to do it as well lol

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