Huawei P10 phone cases on aliexpress

Everything is free shipping, takes 2 weeks to UK/USA and 3 weeks to Ireland.

These ones are going outa stock so damn fast. they were produced in April and the company does not keep making them. Legit Luphie case! They are to die for, made of aluminium and one gorgeous protective case. There are different colours. This one was the most expensive at a whopping €14.57 lol





Flip case with side notification

Ignore missing numbers lol

24. curved edge on it


Full body with it’s own tempered glass screen protector, 0.5mm thickness and looks sexy as fuck!

Rubber tough case with stand.

Simple sleep case in red and black. Clasps on only the sides not the bottom or top.

Simple but it has a mesh design on the back to let out heat. This one founds around on all edges.

Phone lens protector made of tempered glass.

Pink gel type case.

Glow in the dark, genuinely great quality!
€1.20 to €1.45


Tempered Glass, they try to charge postage if you order more than one or two so I just bought them from each shop. Or just buy them in two different transactions lol.. These ones have a black (or white, gold) rims.

Normal Tempered glass:

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