Minecraft and How it changed my life

Mid August 2012.

My nephew came to stay and showed me the game, I had seen it a year before but did not like the look of it. He left a week later and by then I was HOOKED! I bought the game and found my first server, it was a pvp one but I had no clue what that meant. It ended badly and I decided to leave the server after being spawn camped repeatable. I went on to boards.ie and found the DFS server. It was great and I had a wonderful welcome from Stubbs, Mike, Zenq and MikeyB. I really enjoyed it and soon donated for fly. I was only on the server a couple days when I got talking to Mike. I mistook him for someone I knew previously but found out he was from Waterford and a little more info about him. I liked him straight away, I can eve remember exactly where I started talking to him on the map. There was something about the way he talked, even in text, that peaked my interest. Within days I was on there teamspeak, I was loud and probably obnoxious but after the months progressed I relaxed in peoples company. I will admit my main reasoning to come on to TS was simply to talk to Mike.

By Christmas we planned to meet at the Cinema, we met again the next year and by July we have moved in together 🙂