Micro Drone

Eachine E010 is one of the most popular micro drones due to many factors, one being it is hella cheap. You can smash this thing into the ground and it will be fine. The flight time should be between 5-7min if you hook the AIO (all in one) camera it will go down to 3-4min but trust me they feel wild. The batteries are dead cheap and can be charged via a battery bank so it really is something you can keep at for the day.

Total €57

You can find the E010 on banggood for €9.70 from china and €13 from the EU. Affiliate link.

I upgraded the motors to these much faster ones that are used in the tiny whoop. 4X Racerstar 615 6x15mm 67000RPM on banggood. Affiliate link. €15

The AIO camera is the AIO 5.8G 40CH 25MW VTX 800TVL 1/3 Cmos on banggood. Affiliate link. €14.85

I have used my larger receiver that I would use with my ZMR250 but it is such a pain to lug around. I came across this tiny lil receiver that has a built in ability to connect to your phone. No needing easy cap any longer. One lead in! Eachine ROTG01 on banggood. Affiliate link. €17

I personally use the Easycap & UVC Player (FPViewer) app on android. Best one I found out there, bought the premium version so it removes the logo. You can set it to start auto recording as soon as you connect. Play Store.

You will need to solder the lead for the AIO direct onto the chart port. Very easy and takes seconds.

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