On the 16th Febuary we travelled a couple hours to the half way point between our home and my mothers. 5 months earlier two kittens had strolled into her garden. Assuming the mother would be right back she left them there until late that evening. Realising that a huge storm would hit the area that night she decided to try and catch them. One cat, Mia, was very easy to get a hold of but her sister was too flighty. My mother looked after them and took them to the vets due to an infection of the eyes. It turns out they were barely 3 weeks old and had still not opened their eyes. Since there was no mother to clean their eyes they became gummy. After a course of antibiotics they cleared up and are look gorgeous now.

The day we picked her up she seemed to be very dosile, she was sneezing a little and I noticed she was drooling. I mentioned it to my family and they said she may just be excited. Shrugging it off we prepared to go home, she laid on my chest the entire way home. She adored looking out the window while we were on the motor way, the cars sped past and she kept perking up to watch. The only time she made a fuss or looked a lil scared was when it started to hail, chunks of ice hit the wind screen and made a loud racket but she was still calm, just a lil confused.

When we made it home we showed her around the house, she seemed nervous at first but has grown in confidence since then. I noticed that evening she seemed a little death, she could hear high pitched sound but the normal range. We let her relax that night and tomorrow we made plans to go to a vet, his opening times started at 7pm so we had the day to look at our local pet store. Buying a fair size carry container, collar and harness.
Trying the collar on she took to it without any issue, the harness she thought was weird at first but soon realised it did not imped her. our washing line goes from one end of the garden to the other. I attached a long thin rope to a clip and then her harness. It meant it ran freely up and down the line (pegs all at one end). She loves running up and down, exploring to her hearts content. We had to do this since her hearing was in question and it meant I could not call her back inside.

That evening we took her to the vets, she created such a fuss when in the cage while in the car that I had to take her out. She is fine as long as she can sit in my lap with the harness and lead on, I would never allow her to endanger us while my hubby is driving. When we got there I decided to simply hold her in my arms as she would otherwise start meowing in the cage. Inside she saw her first two dogs. They regarded her with interest as looked back perplexed. Her face seemed to say “those are weird cats”. She sat happily in my arms until we met with the vet. He was about to look in her ear but realise the left hear was entirely clogged with earwax! Not kidding he could not even put the scope inside. He gave us some medication which is usually for dogs but in a half dose would be fine for her. The first vet visit cost €20 to see the vet and another €30 for the medication. He sent us on our way after giving her the first dose.

That evening I was giving her a cuddle when I realised that the last time I had seen her as a kitten she had white specs on her. They were still there. I had thought they were only dandruff before but it seemed odd. Mike took a close look with a magnifying glass. It turned out she had LICE! Ugg another thing to take her to the vets for. I was surprised the vet never noticed she even had them. I rang the vets and thankfully they gave me a spot on medication to give to her. Within 10 days they were all gone! She still has the empty egg sacks on her but come spring they should all come off thankfully. I was told she had been wormed but with everything else I thought I best worm her too.

She started out at the weight of 1.7kg in one month she has gone up to 1.9kg. She had trouble at first with food as her nose was blocked but it has cleared up more so now and has been eating healthily. Though after she threw up 3 times over the space of 2 days I realised she is not a grazer, she will eat everything she gets. I have got into a routine of feeding her 3 times a day with a two meals of dry food and one of soft meat. She adores the pouches of meat but the dry food is much healthier for her stomach and teeth.

It’s been an interesting month but she is part of the family now. With the continued use of the ear medication her hearing has nearly come back fully now! This means she can go outside and explore. She does not respond so well to words calling her back but simply shack the food bag and you immediately have a cat. When I do this I still call her name and she is starting to associate it with come here haha.

I was told by someone to simply get rid of her and get a healthy cat. I was shocked someone could even say that, it was a worry at first how much it may cost to get her healthy but we would pay anything. She is the kindest cat you could meet. A family friend received a cat a couple weeks ago and it is vicious, attacking them if they even get close. Mia on the other hand will come up to you and demand cuddles or for you to play with her. She loves opening the door, peaking through to see if anyone sees her. If you do you have to rawr at her, she runs away purring like mad till she can sneak back again.

Take a look at the images below taken in the sun while she was playing with a toy mouse. It is strung up on the washing line using a clip which means it will jump up and down, swing back and forth plus she can run with it!