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Seemed ya’ll on imgur were interested by the IP Webcam. Since I often talk about how cheap these things are, I thought I’d do a lil vid and post up about it. The item can be found on aliexpress the link is NOT a referral link. At this time it is listed at €15.27 with free shipping. Ignore it being on sale, they are always that price. Your choice on plug type, that shop is the legit store for that brand. It isn’t a reseller but the actual brand store. Obviously it takes a while to come through. I bought it just before christmas but typically expect 2-3 weeks. Pay a couple quid more and you could get the aliexpress shipping which can be a bit faster.

The only thing I had an issue with is the IR LEDs at night reflecting against the glass window, just move the camera further back and angle it down. It works perfectly in the day though.

Long link:

Here’s a video of everything that comes with it and how it works. Below is the video of the app in use.

The suction mount, only €0.90 get one they are damn handy!

If you ever want to position it more I would suggest this lil mount, it is used for phones but all you do is unscrew the phone section and you can place it anywhere.

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    1. There is a program you can use but personally I dislike having software on my PC that is “suspect”. Instead I just ran a virtual machine (via VirtualBox) with Remix OS, which is basically an android phone. I just installed the app on there and that way I can easily view it 🙂
      With this specific IP webcam I would actually suggest this camera on banggood. I am finding that the app for it is far better. Technically the actual app is crap but you can use Vue Smart Home which is simple and clean. It ask for permissions but I ignore that and just click on the camera and view.

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