So Mike showed me Ingress this evening and I am addicted! I have always wanted to be a part of a gaming experience like this but they are usually only in the US. I sprained my ankle badly over a month ago and haven’t been able to get out as much. This made my confidence falter somewhat and I needed more of a reason to get out there and walk. Well this game has certainly got me want to walk! I went out at 10pm to take a look around town.

The game is overlay on Google maps and uses your GPS to track your location. You must first choose your faction either Resistance or Enlightened. The resistance fight to keep what freedoms humanity has. The enlightened believe that humanity needs to become more intelligent. I of course believe the latter so I am an Enlightened.

There are portals in key locations like monuments, historical landmarks, libraries, post offices and so on. In my local town there is only one so I will hopefully be adding more around town to get more points. To do this I need to hack existing portals to gain items. I still need to learn more about what the items do.

There will be clusters of XMP all around, it does not matter if you are in a town or the country side. Though towns tend to have more. By walking near them they are drawn into you.

There are people playing in a nearby town and tomorrow I hope to go and claim one of the buildings! This is going to be so much fun hehe