I want it badly and hate seeing all the console gamers… An epic article details why and how long it will take to get to PC but in the mean time I am getting antsy!




So why would there be a GTA 5 next-gen release date? Literally every human has a 360 or a PS3, after all. But really, there is a reason, and it’s the same reason Rockstar North hasn’t announced a PC version yet. They’d like a shot at selling you Grand Theft Auto 5 twice.










I’ve been thinking about this and to me it seems it would be a great idea for them but also for consolers. Think about it, people have 360’s and PS3’s so if the game came out just on the next gen consoles people would have to upgrade to them to play. This would mean a lot of people in the economic climate would be unable to buy the new consoles. A lot of people would be angry and annoyed so having it on both versions is an epic idea! Plus then we get PC hehe