Great birthday!



Turned 26! OMG the shock and horror of it!! lol I had a fantastic birthday though more like birth-week! My partner is being adorable and prolonging the celebration with a gift a day and next week he is getting me SUSHI eeeh!! I cannot wait! I had a great weekend with my in laws! Gotta love my MIL who surprised me with dinner, an epic balloon and a truly heartfelt gift. It really means a hell of a lot to me when someone takes the time to get me something that isn’t just an afterthought. The price tags DOES NOT MATTER! It is the fact that someone actually thought to themselves, what would she like. Well my mother in law found me this gorgeous lil miniature cottage that I can cross stitch 3D 🙂 it is adorable for two reasons, one I love cross stitch and two is because she knows I adore this style of house!!




We now have a new tradition in the house too, every card for sentimental events has to be hand drawn! No if’s, buts or maybes! An he really went all out with a gorgeous card, it is hand drawn and depicts my favourite anime which is Sword Art Online!! I love that he took the time to draw Kirito and Asuna! Week of surprises in store for me -giggles!-

My life this year has been really rough but with every blow I get stronger. I have learnt a hell of a lot about myself, I am not who I was told I was. I have a backbone and I have healthy boundaries, with the ability to stand up for myself if they are crossed. Life is constantly looking up!! 😀

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