First real flight!

Finally! A year of depression and anxiety stopping me from moving forward with my passion for drones. I rebuilt my ZMR250 and will be using that to learn to fly. I made the mistake of building a F450 as my first build and to learn it is just too big and costly if you make a mistake.

Yes the video is godawful! This is the live feed from the FPV camera strapped to the front of the drone. It is sent directly to my phone or tablet. At the mo I am not using the FPV to fly but instead going by my eyes. I had 6 runs today and very happy with the results. The heights you can get up to is amazing but bloody hell the wind was gusting! The sudden dips are when you get a sudden hit of wind sending the drone flying off so I have to compensate. I had one “crash” technically, I had the battery alarm set to like 3.2 or 3.3v alarm but that wasn’t enough time. That particular battery is a bit unstable so it suddenly gave up. 30ft dive into dampish soil. One arm hit first and it sunk the arm up to an inch and a half into the soil! Motor and all came out with soil and… a worm. I mean seriously of all the places to land I catch a damn worm… the worm was released and uninjured…ish. I switched the battery alarm to 3.4v and it should give me the time needed to land. Cleaned out the mud, replaced the prop and off we go 🙂 Love that even if I do crash I know how to fix it all easily!
I am stocked for the coming weeks and gaining experience. I have plans to buy a refurbished gopro hero session directly from their site for €140 which will perch above my bird. I love the building stages, learning to fly and exploring the views!



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