Molly’s first day home with her sister!

Today we met my mother at the half way point again. Mike made good time and we got there in just over an hour. Meeting in the Lidl carpark we got to see Molly for the first time in 6 months. She has the most stunning eyes! On arrival my sister informed us that Molly had a lil… accident. I had joked about explosive diarrhoea and it turns out I was right. Sadly my mother had to travel home with the stink. Though no lasting damage as she was well prepared with plastic bags, gloves and lots of baby wipes! My sister has a strong stomach for these things and cleaned her up before we arrived.

She had wedged herself behind a head rest and refused to budge, with the help of my sister I dropped the back seats down and was able to entice her out. She was quite stiff and afraid so I quickly attached the harness to her. Her reaction was perplexed when she felt the harness but soon she ignored it. Due to her fear I thought it best to place her into the carry cage straight away. Once I placed her behind my own seat in the car and secured her she seemed to calm considerably.

On the way home she did not stir for the entire ride home which took over an hour. Once home we brought her inside and tried to locate Mia who was sound asleep up stairs. Not to fear a quick shake of a food bag and she appeared. Sitting at the top of the stairs she looked down but did not seem to notice her sister. Opening the cage I took the lead out and gently pulled her out of the cage. She seemed very stiff and unsure of everything. Mia saw her then, not to sound dramatic but their eyes met and it seemed realisation dawned in their eyes. They look at each other warily but also with memories of the past it seemed. Mia was bolder as she was on home territory. She walked up slowly, each movement low and wary. They sniffed at each other, Mia’s blocked nose quite audible. Molly nuzzle Mia and then licked her cheek. This seemed to relax the tension and soon they were moving closer to each other.

Molly started to explore and even made a home for herself. Within an hour she was walking around the house with Mia in tow. Mia had tried to initiated a couple play pounces but Molly was still too unsure of her place. Mike spent time with her one of one and coaxed her out of her shell. She allowed me to pick her up later and even started to purr in our arms. I noticed that she had not yet ventured up the spiral stair case though. What better way is there to get a cat to explore stairs and simply put them at the top. Our bedroom is the only room at the top of the stairs and she had great fun exploring this whole new area. Mia joined us and started to play with her sister. Leaving them there I came down stairs to make some dinner. The best sound of all is while sitting writing this I can hear two sets of cats running around the bedroom above. They are running and pouncing on each other while play fighting. It is happy sound to hear and great to know they still get on so well!

They’ve just come down stairs and are exploring the house together. So great to see them following each other around and sniffing (loudly by Mia).