F450 Build Parts

Main parts needed:

Main Frame for F450 – €10.12

ESCs 30A SimonK – €22.44 (if you order 4 the shipping does not go up) You need 4 but I would order 5 since I had a dud on arrival previously (not from this seller).

Brushless Motors 2212 920KV 4pcs – €22.23

Choose either option one or option two which is combined and cheaper: you do not need GPS straight away or at all.

  1. Buy Flight controller APM2.6 – €24.36
    Buy GPS UBLOX 7M GPS for APM – €14.86
  2. Combined FC + GPS – €37.52

APM 2.6 Power Module – €3.65 this is needed no matter which one you choose above.

Shock absorber pad for APM.2.6 – €1.45 yes actually needed

FPV Setup:

Battery Parts

Battery 5000mAh 11.1v 3S 60C – €26.05

XT60 connector 1 male is needed – €1.15 Needed to connect the PCB on the main frame to a battery. Get them pre done with the wire in… they are a total pain in the arse to solder yourself, the plastic will melt before it heats up enough and it all goes to hell.

Lipo battery bag – €3.38 watch vid on lipo fires and see why it is best to get one.

SKYRC IMAX B6 mini – €38.53 now you can get cheaper but they are counterfeit and a serious danger. This one is more expensive than others because it also includes the power supply. Overall this is actually the best one for the money.


14AWG Silicone Wire – €1.80

Zip ties – €1.55

Servo tester – €1.23 this will allow you to easily test the motors and if the work.

10×4.5″ blades aka 1045 cheapest set and great reviews, get a set of each. You need to know which end of the bird is which and it is hard to tell!! €4.34

Nut Caps – € 1.64 It includes 4 so you will have spares.

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