Competing Sisters

It’s typical isn’t it to see siblings competing. Well it happens with our lil furry duo as well! I was laying on the sofa after dinner when I noticed an odd sound. Looking up I see something on the door… something moving. I am genuinely speechless when I realise it is a cat! Mia was the first once to get on top, she only however got onto the corner area. Of course her bigger sister Molly just had to one up her. Molly was able to walk along the door and even jump down the entire thing though there was no need. Show off!
Cats… you never know where you will find em.

Just today we heard a bang upstairs. Above the bed is a skylight, I used Velcro to secure a netting over it to stop any bugs getting in during the night. Well one of the sisters decided to jump up and hang from it… well hang may not be the word, more like get herself captured in a net as she plummeted to the floor. Thankfully the window is only a meter off the ground. Cats!