My Little Pony

My Little Pony! Hah this was the first time making a big plushie. She comes in at 15inches high! Took some time as I did it all by hand. The main was a pain in the arse to do. I sandwiched the strands together and kept sewing back and forth so they all stay in […]

Plushie Whale

I adored making this whale, I saw some pictures on pinterest and decided to see if I could make one. No pattern used, I used a lot of reference images and finally came up with the below whale. The tail was my downfall! I will redo this at some point though 😀 [AFG_gallery id=’11’]

First ever plushie!

I made my first ever plushies! Whole new experience as I didn’t have a set how to, on making one but this was a lot of fun 😀 The first one was the lil fox face which is adorably cute. The next one was Mokona. They turned out okay and I learnt a lot doing […]