Competing Sisters

It’s typical isn’t it to see siblings competing. Well it happens with our lil furry duo as well! I was laying on the sofa after dinner when I noticed an odd sound. Looking up I see something on the door… something moving. I am genuinely speechless when I realise it is a cat! Mia was […]


We decided today to adopt Mia Bella’s twin sister Molly. She is a lil more outgoing but we think they would love to be back together. I loath being away and leaving Mia on her own so this will hopefully giver her a house mate to keep them both company.


On the 16th Febuary we travelled a couple hours to the half way point between our home and my mothers. 5 months earlier two kittens had strolled into her garden. Assuming the mother would be right back she left them there until late that evening. Realising that a huge storm would hit the area that […]