Bowden Carriage!


No Supports needed, except for the clip and even then it was fine!
This is for a 64mm V6 J Head extruder. Measuring from nozzle tip to the top (exclude nut at the top!)

What makes my carriage different from TNS.

No need to do any change to your firmware! The V6 mount is moved over the 10mm to the left so you now do not need to do it. This meant moving the fan to the right. I have included a fan duct specially for this.

I changed up the clamp for the V6. You can now use two 20cm M3 bolts that will slide in through the front. On either side you can now secure them with two M3 nuts. It makes the fitting far more secure.
For the plate/carriage you do not need any supports. The slots for the nuts were able to print perfectly for my own. I made the slot slightly larger as I was going to use lock nuts but that seems a bit overkill.

The two m3 bolts that you attach the belt to at the back. The holes go right through the carriage now so you can secure them easily.

The fan duct is a butchered version but stuffstufff

stuff. I measure it to fit the 64mm V6 extruder so it is 2mm above the plastic.

I added some cable tidying slots and areas for cable ties. Check the actual STL, I changed it a lil after printing my own.

Nuts & Bolts needed:

Carriage = 12pcs M4 bolts, threaded section 15mm
Clip = 2pcs M3 Bolts + 2pcs M3 Nuts
Fan attachment = 2pcs x M3 30cm + 2pcs M3 Nuts


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