Bowden Upgrade of Anet A8

It’s cheap and it pushed my speeds from 60mm/s to 90mm/s! The bowden upgrade is moving a direct drive extruder up off the carriage. It weighs 150g, imagine that force being pulled back and forth. You can see how a print may have a little wobble when you have that much weight moving. I recently just finished up creating a bowden mount for the frame which also have a spool holder and I have now completed a carriage that fits the chinese knock off version of the V6 J Head. This thing weights next to nothing.

I would honestly suggest printing the extruder/spool holder first, if you have a working printer. You can find that here: Thingiverse

After that print out the carriage, clip and the fan duct: Thingiverse


Nozzles (specific ones for j-head!!)

Your nozzles can get clogged and honestly with how cheap they are online you may as well just buy spares and leaves the unclogging till another day. The default size for the Anet A8 is 0.4mm however you can go down to smaller sizes. The optimum layer height is half the nozzle head, though you can still do smaller prints with it, they will just not be as exact. Get some 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and maybe even some 0.5 if you want to play around. For the default hotend you need v8 nozzles and if you upgrade to the J-Head you will need v6.

J – Head Nozzles – General Listing – General Listing

Hotend – V6 J head

J head Hotend + Teflon + the lil adaptors that screw in. Complete set.

I suggest buy a replacement J head which includes the heatsink, may as well be safe and be ready if it breaks.

MK8 extruder block (Necessary)

RIGHT HAND SHORT. Get the right one lol


Teflon Extruder Throats

V6 Throat Bowden Teflon Tube. I bought three on the off chance I would need them… yeah filament gets stuck in there and you are fucked. I just bought 6 more!
€0.30 each Listing

Hotend Fan

If your fan breaks, you cannot print. You need the fan to cool the plastic, otherwise it won’t come out right.

I bought a few of these they are €0.99 – General Listing

Extruder Fan

This is not the same as you get with the jhead one but you can just print an adaptor.

I bought these for €0.72 – General Listing

A huge note about polarities. I just received two fans, a hotend and an extruder which have the plugs and wires on the wrong sides. The plugs have two bars on the front, the left one should be positive (red) and the right on should be negative (black). I checked the board on the fan and it shows the wires are the correct colours but the plug is wrong. Something to bare in mind! The plugs on the board are correct.



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