Borderlands 2 DLCs

Unsure if anyone has played it in a while but I got back into it with Mike. I started up a new character and found an extra one. Gotta admit I was excited about the prospect of a new character… However you have to pay for it. €10 for a DLC… Fuck that I mean yeah a nice character would be fun but it’s a lil steep. Gearbox are releasing more DLCs for BL2 though but on a smaller scale.

“We’ve got more content to come, but if you get it in your mind that you’re expecting the same amount that was in the Season Pass, I’m afraid we’re going to disappoint you,” Pitchford said. “Because the content that’s to come is not of that same scale. It’s not going to be priced at the same scale, so the value will be great, but it’s not at that same scale.”