Ark – an addiction

1,100 hours in game now! I don’t know how I do it and get stuff done. I have finally drawn my partner into playing it! He’s now as hooked as I am. It truly is a stunning game and well worth the money. There has been some controversy over the paid DLC while in steam early access. I can understand people’s concerns, however with the continued effort by studio wildcard, it is not a big issue. They had to settle a lawsuit which set them back 40 million, that would hurt most companies, especially the size of studio wildcard. It is understandable that they would need to garner more money. However it also makes sense to release a DLC do a large group of beta testers. There were changes straight away to the DLC, improvements suggested (often screamed) by the community. They have listened and change the game accordingly. If they had released the DLC after the game released it could have dented the game and studios image. Instead they can allow the community to beta test and show them the bugs. So why pay for it? Well many games allow you early access to a game for a price. Why would they allow a huge community to play the DLC to death, for free? It makes absolutely no sense. In short the game is worth it, the DLC is worth it and people should just calm the hell down.

I had 1,000 hours out of the island, now we have scorched earth, I can see many more hours lost to this game. Let me end with some shots of the game.

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