Ansel in Ark

I have been sharing some new 360 images in the Ark groups and a number of people have not tried it yet. I’ve taken the time to include some tips and screenshots to give an idea of how it works.

The prerequisites for using Ansel in Ark:
PC – sorry but no consoles.
Nvidia GPU – GTX 600 series and above.
Single Player game only – the reason for this is that the game will pause the server so you can move freely anywhere you wish.

The 360 image taken in game

When you start up the game do not use the usual shortcut on your desktop.
You must start it from the steam menu, either right click steam in your taskbar and select it that way or go to your steam library and hit play.
When you do this it will open up the options of how to start the game.
One of these options is “Launch Ark with Nvidia Ansel” select this and start up the game. As shown in the screenshot to the left.

Once you’ve loaded your save you set up a nice shot. Then simply hold down ALT + F2 which will start Ansel at the very moment you hit that command. To move around in Ansel you use WASD for direction and left click and hold to pan the camera. To aid in getting just the right shot you can use a few different commands to set the time of day or slow down the action to a manageable speed. To use a command you must be in game and not have any of the ingame menus open. Hit the Tab ↹ key to get up the console, you can hit it twice more to get it to go away or press ESC.

Controlling time

settimeofday 07:00 

The time is at the end and uses the 24hr format. For example 9pm would be 21:00. You can do this command while in game but also while in Ansel, though it can be a pain as the ansel area covers it.

The passage of time

slomo 1

This command is one of my favourites, it allows you to set the speed of your game time. It is literally fast forward for the game or slow it down. The default speed is 1. You can up the speed by increasing that number, even as fast as 50. Or slow it down to 0.01 to really slow everything down. Replace 8 with any number or add a decimal to be precise.

slomo X


Depth of Field

While in game you can type the command:

cheat enablespectator

Then hit Delete



Here’s an example of the commands and ansel in game.

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