Anet A8 buy these spares!

Well my hotend just broke, seems I may have damaged the contacts going into it. Well a lovely gent up country is gonna post me one down, which should possibly sort that out. Annoyingly I have two hotends coming but they are maybe a week out. I’m putting together a list of spare parts you should have at least one spare!

Hotend fan: If you don’t have one, you cannot print!

Extruder fan:

Hotend, all the wires and parts included for ease:

Get some spare tubes. I damaged the thread on one and it took me for freaking over to get the bolt off.
€1.03 for two

Below are items for those who have changed/upgraded parts from the default Prusa i3 clone. If you just have the default printer then get the above ones:

If you have a J-head bowden extruder setup get this one:

To get the j-head hotend with the teflon parts etc

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