Chargeback letter:

To whom it may concern,

I would like to request a chargeback on payment that was made to COMPANY on the 14th June for €198. The payment was made to buy two tickets in a helicopter on June 18th 2017. The tickets were for 3.30pm in Killarney, Kerry. I bought the two tickets as a father’s day present for my fiance and his son.

I found the event on “facebook events” page for the local areas. It’s a once in a lifetime experience so I thought it would be perfect for them. I contacted them in facebook messenger, which I have included. We first discussed the Waterford location but it was for the saturday and my stepson was with his mother. There was two seats available in Killarney though on father’s day. I was initially going for the €69 deal but they gave me a special price for two tickets at 3.30pm on that day at €99 each. It went from a 8min flight to 25min so I went for it. I tried to ring their phone number which is a Waterford based number, it doesn’t seem to connect and I say so on the facebook messenger. A woman called PERSON1 calls me, I have a recording of the call by the way, which I will include a transcription of.

On the day at 11:44am the company posted an update to their facebook page stating that it was cancelled due to a technically fault in the helicopter. I was sent an email stating that I could rebook for another date in their season which is April – October. They only run on Saturdays and Sundays which meant that my fiance is either working or Matt (stepson) is with his mother. I looked at all four locations and none of them would work for us.

Going to write this as a timeline as it is easier to relate to you:

14th June – Paid for the ride

18th June

11.44am Cancelled due to technical fault

12:09 Message via facebook that my fiance is working on those days or no stepson.

19th June

18:23 COMPANY Replies and says they have added more dates.

18:29 I state “None of the dates work. Please may I request a refund.”

22nd June – They had ignore my message so I sent another one.

18:48 “Please may I received a refund for the €198”

20:17 They reply “Hi Thraxan, please email in to EMAIL@EMAIL.COM with your request, please include your voucher numbers so we can take a look in to it for you. Thanks”

20:22 I send an email to that address “I bought two tickets for the 18th June in Killarney. The ID number I received is: ########## Please may I request a refund for €198. Thank you for any help!”

28th June

12:54pm I receive no reply yet again, I copy the above message and send it off to the emails that they have used to contact me: EMAIL1@EMAIL.COM & EMAIL2@EMAIL.COM

4.49pm I receive a reply from PERSON1 that denies my refund “Due to the nature of helicopters”.

6:07pm I send an email asking when I had agree to these terms.

29th June

9:00 I receive a reply that states I received the terms once I received my boarding pass.

11:55 I reply “This was not discussed with me prior to booking, I at no time agreed to these stipulations. I was not sold a voucher, I was sold two seats on the 18th June at 3.30pm Neil Prendeville from RedFM has kindly invited me on his show to talk about this.”


3rd July

7:24pm No contact from them so I messaged “Will you be providing me with a refund?”


My local radio RedFm were kind enough to call them on the 30th June for me to try and mediate a refund process as they agreed it was unfair that they cancel and keep my money. After further talks the company told them that they were “looking into it”. That they might come back to me. I’ll include a copy of that message from Colm too.

I was never informed about these terms before they took my money. I never agreed to these terms. I was led to believe that I was buying a two tickets for a helicopter ride for the 18th June at 3.30pm. I was never told it was non refundable in the event that their helicopter suffered a technical failure. They broke the verbal and written contract to provide a helicopter ride for that date and time. I want my money back.

Thank you for any help you can provide me,