240ft range!

The JJRC H20 mod worked incredibly well, increasing the range from a meager 90ft to 240ft! Simply revealing the antenna has helped a ton. I am looking to truly modify it soon by adding FPV. I need to find at light FPV camera and transmitter though which is proving to be a little difficult as I want to keep costs down. The lowest I could find is 3g which is perfect but the site it comes from is pay by card which I would never do. I only pay through paypal on ebay or through amazon. I have had way too many items get “lost in the mail” and stiffed the charge.

I am also looking to buy a drone with height control and headless mode. I would like to use it for another fpv mini drone but also a way for my fiance’s son to start flying. It makes it incredibly easy to fly when you don’t have to control the height and forward is relative to you. Should be a fun little thing to play with around the house and in the woods. I am very surprised how well the JJRC H20 handles in the wind! On beginners mode it is only suited for indoors, medium is outdoors with only a little wind, extreme mode is… well damn!

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