Fine Liners – The smallest I can find! 003 and 005

I tend to use the Uni-Pin Fine Line 0.05mm for my artwork. However it’s just that lil bit too big in many cases. Even the smallest difference can add a new depth to the image. As such I wanted to get the 0.03mm pens… however it seems incredibly hard to find any. I first looked at the Copic Fineliner 0.03 but it was unavailable on their store, I also found that the minimum charge of €25 before they will ship to you is a lil annoying. I just want a pen worth a couple euro.

The alternatives I find will be on Ebay as it seems to be the best place to get them. Postage is to Ireland but in many cases eBay sellers will inflate postage to offset the low prices of the pen so I have included the postage for comparison. This is not correct in all cases as you may see free UK postage!

003 Pens

graGraphit Fine Liner

Smallest: 003

One 003 is £2.49 + £5.45 p&p




Marvy Uchida For Drawing

Smallest: 003

Seems to be three pens at 003 will run you £5.95 + £7.93 p&p



spCOPIC Multi Liner SP

Smallest: 003

Sadly still be “procured” this has been up since late March 2016 and last message I received from Copic is that it may be June/July 2016 before they get more!





Zig does a 003 but very hard to find!

I found a full set but it is £29.44 from Japan (here)




Graph’It Fine Liner

Smalled: 003

Set comes with: 003, 01, 03, 05

Cost: £8.99 + £5.43 p&p



005 Pens

sakuraSakura FineLiner

Smallest: 005

8pcs for £4.49



zigZig Millennium Black Fine

Smallest: 005

3pcs for £6 + £5 p&p



hellHellfire Drawing Ultra Fine

Smallest: 005

One 0.05 pen is £1.39 + £0.99 p&p



staSTA Pigment Liner

Smallest: 005

One 005 is £0.99

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