I put my rig together recently and it is working lovely! I’ve always wanted to build one but been to nervous with two things. First is installing the CPU and second it the CPU paste! Mike was there to put it in for me though thankfully. I was able to do the rest myself and really enjoyed finally building it myself. I am really happy with my selection and have solid 60FPS on all games.

The parts:

The case is a Cooler Master CM Storm Stryker XL-ATX
It honestly is huge, I needed a cat for scale lol.


Case: Cooler Master CM Storm Stryker XL-ATX

Motherboard: Gigabyte G1.SNIPER Z87

CPU: Intel Core i5 4670K

CPU Custom Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

GPU: ASUS STRIX-GTX1070-O8G-Gaming Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 Graphics Card – Black

 Memory: (16GB total) 4 x HyperX 4 GB 1600 MHz CL9 DDR3

PSU: Corsair CP-9020054-UK RM Series RM650

The JJRC H20 mod worked incredibly well, increasing the range from a meager 90ft to 240ft! Simply revealing the antenna has helped a ton. I am looking to truly modify it soon by adding FPV. I need to find at light FPV camera and transmitter though which is proving to be a little difficult as I want to keep costs down. The lowest I could find is 3g which is perfect but the site it comes from is pay by card which I would never do. I only pay through paypal on ebay or through amazon. I have had way too many items get “lost in the mail” and stiffed the charge.

I am also looking to buy a drone with height control and headless mode. I would like to use it for another fpv mini drone but also a way for my fiance’s son to start flying. It makes it incredibly easy to fly when you don’t have to control the height and forward is relative to you. Should be a fun little thing to play with around the house and in the woods. I am very surprised how well the JJRC H20 handles in the wind! On beginners mode it is only suited for indoors, medium is outdoors with only a little wind, extreme mode is… well damn!

Update: Range extended from 90ft to 240ft!

I’ve had this lil drone for the past year but didn’t play with it that much. The drone is incredibly cheap at only £12, it a hexacopter and perfect for beginners and still fun for intermediate. They have different modes, it starts in beginners which is slow and leisurely. Tap the left button and you get medium mode which does increase the speed enough that if it is windy the drone is controllable. Extreme mode is crazy, the thing moves so damn fast that you could race these things. Link to an ebay seller I have not used but has good scores. If you want the US site just change the link from ebay.co.uk to ebay.com that will show the same item on your native site. Works with all countries.

Lately I have taken a liking to it and in the future hope to get a micro fpv camera for it. Live streaming the camera view to my phone, however that costs around £25/€30/$31 (13th April 2017). It would be useful for my zmr250 though which I have an FPV setup for but that could be moved to my F450 instead.

So what is the mod gonna do, well it will boost the range that the drone can fly. It was previously around 30 meters but can now go up to around 100 meters! No soldering or parts required! The antennas inside the drone is perfectly okay but the plastic shell is interfering with the signal. Pro tip the antenna is called a receiver and known as a RX. I first took apart the entire drone by removing all screws. You can now lift the bottom section off, nothing is attached to that section. The top part you will have to push the motors gently through their setting. If the drone is the right way up, gently push down to slide it out the bottom. BE CAREFUL!!! The wires are very fragile!!!

Now you will want to take the three screws out of the main board which attaches it to the top section. Once you do this remove the board and motors. You can now see the antenna which is just folded down to fit into the case. GENTLY bend it up and make sure you do not snap it, if you do then good luck soldering it lol. Once in position mark off where you want to make the whole in the top. Something I learnt from this is the placement must not be too close to the prop!! I did not think of this so mine is a lil close but simply bending it back a lil ensures it does not come into contact. I used my (fiance’s) trusty miniature hand crank drill to make a large enough hole for it to easily slip through.

Before putting it back together I used my sexy liquid electrical tape, this stuff is absolutely awesome! I sacrificed a makeup brush to paint on the tape which dries within a few min, you can keep applying layers if needed. I find it fantastic for my larger drones on the ETC and XT60 solder points. Adding a bit to the hole so when the antenna is press through it seals up the hole to make sure no lil spot of water goes down to short it out. I added some to the other points it can cause an issue as well, better safe than sorry. Especially at the battery connector! When reassembling the drone, remember to keep an eye on the wire inside the arms. I caught a few out without realising. Once done you have increased the range, however to really push the range you need to work on the transmitter. Exactly the same style antenna as well.

Now on we move to the remote! This antenna for the remote is exactly the same as the drone RX. Protip the remote is called a transmitter and is known as a TX. This one is a little harder to take apart. Firstly remove batteries and place it with the switches down. Remove the three screws at the back. The battery cables are attached to the board so be careful. The board is held in by the switches, pull straight up. It may take a lil tug to get it out, the power switch will fall off the front as it is not attached to the frame. Now you will see the antenna. Fold it up gently and mark the location for it to go through. I found the perfect spot is the corner of the bezel. It fits through perfectly. The left and right keys are fiddly but not that hard to put back together. Reseal and in my case I added some liquid electrical tape over the hole. Poof you now have extended the distance you can fly! Have fun 🙂

This makes me so happy, two fold because I get to build another drone and I get to fly with the love of my life. Ahh I love our life, we share so many passions together like gaming, computers, technology, ideologies and political thoughts. We challenge each other’s opinions and have the ability to talk about anything. We don’t harbour bad feelings because we talk about them either straight away or within an hour. We’ve never raised our voices in anger. He’s my best friend and the love of my life.

Finally! A year of depression and anxiety stopping me from moving forward with my passion for drones. I rebuilt my ZMR250 and will be using that to learn to fly. I made the mistake of building a F450 as my first build and to learn it is just too big and costly if you make a mistake.

Yes the video is godawful! This is the live feed from the FPV camera strapped to the front of the drone. It is sent directly to my phone or tablet. At the mo I am not using the FPV to fly but instead going by my eyes. I had 6 runs today and very happy with the results. The heights you can get up to is amazing but bloody hell the wind was gusting! The sudden dips are when you get a sudden hit of wind sending the drone flying off so I have to compensate. I had one “crash” technically, I had the battery alarm set to like 3.2 or 3.3v alarm but that wasn’t enough time. That particular battery is a bit unstable so it suddenly gave up. 30ft dive into dampish soil. One arm hit first and it sunk the arm up to an inch and a half into the soil! Motor and all came out with soil and… a worm. I mean seriously of all the places to land I catch a damn worm… the worm was released and uninjured…ish. I switched the battery alarm to 3.4v and it should give me the time needed to land. Cleaned out the mud, replaced the prop and off we go 🙂 Love that even if I do crash I know how to fix it all easily!
I am stocked for the coming weeks and gaining experience. I have plans to buy a refurbished gopro hero session directly from their site for €140 which will perch above my bird. I love the building stages, learning to fly and exploring the views!



Have not posted in awhile ugh! Well my baby now has a FPV setup with live feed… through a convoluted set of wires lol

 I found out that the chinese knockoff zmr250 frame, has a lil issue. The eight bars that support the frame are incorrectly sized. The extra part that comes with the frame is meant to sit vertically and slit between the middle level and top level. You would then affix the provided screws and plastic spacers to the camera. Issue is that the metal polls are too short, not like a minimeter I mean like 7mm!






 I was trying to workout how to get it together when it dawned on me that I could cut the camera up a bit. It has a section which allows screens but is just surplus plastic. I snipped it off and it fit perfectly. I couldn’t use the actual frame for tying it on so I instead used zip ties top and sides. It is incredibly stable and works great.



I did forget to buy a filter for the DC though, it means the picture quality live has lines through. Ordered one from ebay though and should be here in a few weeks 🙂

The cattle in the pic were very interested in wtf the noise was! Heifers are always such curious beasts, I love how you always get that one who is dared by the others to investigate. The first time they saw our cat, they freaked out and ran off. Anyway tangents there derp. I connected the EasyCap up to the receiver, used an OTG cable and connected that to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8. I also tried it out with my Samsung Galaxy note 2 and all of them work to perfection. I looked through apps on the android store and found one. It is free but you get that watermark. Though to be entirely fair it is a very non invasive watermark, compared to some apps. It only cost €3.89, so no longer shall I have it on the vid. I set it to high quality and to auto record once I plug in the OTG. Literally plug and play, no having to set anything up. This app also comes with google vr capability by splitting the screen!! Gonna try that tomorrow with my fiance’s phone. He has a HTC One M8 (never buy that phone or brand!!!) which has a high res screen of 1080 x 1920 with a 441 ppi. My 5 year old note 2, which I have a loving relationship with, is 720 x 1280 and a ridiculously low 267ppi!!! So yesh hands down using his phone to wear the goggles with. This is the best app I found: Easycap & UVC Player(FPViewer).
Anyway off to bed 😛 Flying hard tomorrow!



What a day! It started out sunny but gradually got worse as we entered west cork lol. It is like a barren wasteland and I can’t understand why I lived down there for so long! It is beautiful for a visit but I could never live there again! My darling Mike drove 250 miles and we spent 7-8 hours down there. I cannot thank him enough for that and all he does for me 🙂 To finish off the day we ate a bag of chips while on the Schull (pronounced skull) pier, looking out on the sea. The old memories are so distant now and the new ones with Mike have turned sorrow into happiness <3 I love that man!


Monster High


Isi Dawndancer

Scaremester Catrine DeMew

Shriek Wrecked Caterine DeMew

Batsy Claro

Skelita Calaveras x 2

Party Ghouls Rochelle Goyle

Monster Exchange Program Lagoona Blue

Monster Exchange Program Marisol Coxi

Monster High Spectra Vondergeist

Fierce Rockers Catty Noir and Toralei Stripe 2 Doll Pack

Boo York New Character Elle Eedee



Ever After High


Thronecoming Cupid

C.A Cupid – Signature Series

Apple White – Signature Series

Legacy Day Raven Queen

Way Too Wonderland Madeline Hatter Doll

Lizzie Hearts – Way Too Wonderland